Emergency Lighting & Exit Signs

Klare Sink Australia Pty Ltd was founded in 2000 and is located in
Silverwater, Australia. We are sub-contractor specialising in the assembly of emergency lighting and self-contained exit signs. We assemble lighting to the highest possible standards,
each being subjected to various stringent quality testing controls.

We provide Australia鈥檚 leading emergency lighting service:

Cutting techniques are becoming more complicated. Klare Sink utilise cutting
technology offering high quality and reliable workmanship. Our laser machine
can be applied to many kinds of material and has smooth cutting edges, fast
processing speed, high precision, less waste and high efficiency.

George Yi Kun LEE
Tel: 02 96483882
Fax: 02 96483889
Email: george@klaresink.com.au
85 Carnarvon Street
Silverwater NSW 2128 Australia